From Startup to Success- How Press Release Wire is Helping Raphacure Establish Itself as India’s Top Healthcare Provider

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Raphacure is a healthcare startup based in India with a mission to create a network of front-line workers and a system which will reach the most remote areas of the country, providing access to screening, doctor consultation, ambulance services, and medicines. They also aim to be a gateway for corporate companies to reduce their claim rates by providing excellent healthcare for their employees.


The challenge for Raphacure was to establish themselves as a trusted healthcare provider in a highly competitive industry. They wanted to increase their brand visibility and showcase their unique approach to healthcare, which focused on providing access to those who needed it most.


Raphacure worked with Press Release Wire to create a strategic media plan. We helped them to craft a compelling press release that highlighted their mission and showcased their commitment to improving access to healthcare across India. We then distributed the press release to leading media outlets in India, including Hindustan Times, ED Times and 50 other outlets.


The initial results of the campaign were promising. Raphacure’s press release was picked up by many major news outlets, which led to increased brand visibility and exposure. This helped to establish Raphacure as a trusted healthcare provider and showcased their unique approach to healthcare.

However, the journey is still ongoing. Press Release Wire plans to continue to generate traffic and help Raphacure establish their brand. We will work with Raphacure to identify additional media outlets and opportunities to further increase their visibility and establish them as a leader in the healthcare industry.


“Press Release Wire has been instrumental in helping us increase our brand visibility and establish ourselves as a trusted healthcare provider. Their team was professional and easy to work with, and we were impressed with the initial results of the campaign. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them as we work towards our goal of providing access to healthcare to those who need it most.”



By working with Press Release Wire, Raphacure has taken the first steps towards achieving their goals of increased brand visibility and exposure. While the journey is still ongoing, we are committed to helping Raphacure establish themselves as a leader in the healthcare industry. If you’re looking to achieve similar results for your healthcare business, contact Press Release Wire today to learn how we can help you.