Get A Professionally Written Press Release for Your Next Grand Event

When it comes to the grand opening of your business, a press release can be the best tool for promotion for you. A professionally written press release has the potential to get the attention of journalists and people. It can get you maximum coverage for your newly opened store or restaurant.

When writing a press release for grand opening, you have to keep few important things in point. A well-written press release is supposed to contain the key details of your business and the opening event. It should be informative and unique to read. Along with that, it should also include the unique selling point of your business.

However, writing a well-organized press release is not everyone’s cup of tea. Businessmen are expected to focus on their business. There is hardly any business owner who has the flair for writing press releases. This is why you should leave this work to the experts.

We have been operating in this field for many years. Our field of work has allowed us to work with many businesses. We strive to offer the best press release writing and distribution services to our clients.

We write press releases to generate media coverage and help spread public awareness about the grand opening of your business. If written and used correctly, it can be a great tool for promoting your opening.


How do we work?

We have a team of skilled writers who does their work the best. Whether you want a press release for grand opening of store or a restaurant, we are here to help you. Our writers will curate the perfect press release for your grand opening.

When it comes to serving our clients, we operate in an organized way. The first thing we do is gather information on the grand opening from the client. This helps our writers to come up with the exact press release writing you want. We might contact the client again to confirm the information received from his end. Once we get a green signal from our client, we start working on your press release.

Each press release takes about a week to be completed. Before that we will send you a sample work, so you can make the necessary changes. Once that is done, we will deliver the final results soon. From writing press release for hotel opening to new business launches, we can handle it all.

We have been working too long in this field to realize how important it is for a business. This is why we provide the best services to our clients. Besides curating unique press releases, we also distribute them online for maximum coverage.

Many businesses undermine the power of a press release. What they don’t realize is that it is equally powerful as other promotional methods. The only thing is that you need to do it right. In this case, you can rely on our services. We promise you won’t regret hiring us.

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