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Press releases have a massive impact on a brand’s online presence. Meanwhile, most people use the Internet to find the products and the information they need. Therefore, if your business is not online, you might as well close it down.

A press release boosts traffic to a website. Also, the number and the diversity of backlinks will increase as well. Therefore, the brand will become visible to thousands of new potential customers.

Professionally done press releases give your company:

Additionally, research has shown that 80% of all Internet surfing sessions start with an input into a search engine. So, being present on the first page of results is essential for growing a business.

Why are press release distribution services effective?

The simple version is — it’s all based on probability.

To further explain, we send out the press releases to more than 250 members of the media. That way, your press release has a considerably higher chance to reach thousands, even millions of people.

Therefore, through our press release distribution services, we make it easier for our clients to reach new customers and get the people talking about their products

Why hire a professional?

Writing a press release isn’t that simple. A professional
press release writer and distributor:

Why Press Release WIRE?

Trusting us with your press release is the best way to expand your business. Our dedicated team will help you get the most out every single press release. We know that every brand or a product has a target audience. And it would be a shame if they never found out about it, wouldn't it?

Capturing a journalist’s attention is the most important aspect of writing a press release and that’s what we do best! Our experienced writers are able to quickly create amazing stories with eye-catching headlines and perfect English.

We do all the work in-house — from writing to distribution. Therefore, our services are consistent and your website is safe. Also, we work extra hard to make sure the stories are keyword optimized. That way, we can guarantee exceptional online visibility for your website.

All clients are equally important to us and we make no exceptions. Our job is only done when we meet all your requests. We've received countless flattering reviews from our customers, many of which have requested re-orders.


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