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Platinum Package

Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Canadian Insider, InsiderTracking, Digital Journal, StreetInsider, Apple News and 250+ news
$ 350

Premium Package

AP News, FOX, MarketWatch, Street Insider, AsiaOne, Digital Journal, and 500+ sites. AP News only for US companies/individuals
$ 150

Standard Package

FOX sites, Digital Journal, AZ Central and 350+ other media outlets
$ 75
AP News
$ 150
30% OFF
Digital Journal
$ 20
Business Insider
$ 300
10% OFF
$ 125
$ 60
FabWorld Today
$ 25
$ 95

Unlock the potential of Global Media Houses with our tailored publication packages.

Our tailored publication packages are designed to offer multiple benefits for your business.

By taking advantage of our direct access to top global publications, you can increase your branding, reach millions of potential customers, and get the word out about your products or services.

Additionally, our publication packages can also boost your search engine optimization (SEO), driving more traffic to your website and helping you to gain higher brand recognition and increased credibility.

With more exposure to your target audience, you’ll have more opportunities to convert leads into customers and ultimately, grow your business.

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Common PR Questions Answered

We do not accept websites related to Politics, Violence, Drug Use, Hacking, Payday Loans, Get Rich Quick scheme, Health Supplements, Stock Market Tickr, Adult/Porn, Defaming Someone, Legal Cases and other illegal topics.
We believe that every website is newsworthy. Investing in a press release will boost your website by improving authority, boosting traffic and SERP ranking. It certainly won’t hurt giving it a try. You’ll be amazed by the results.
Yes, you are free to provide your own PR, but ensure that it abides by the Editorial guidelines.
Yes, if we are unable to publish your post then we will provide you a full refund.
You should do it once every 3 months. But for more consistent results its best to do a press release package distribution monthly.
Currently, We only accept content in English language. Website of all languages are accepted for distribution though.
Yes, We have 2 types of content writing services i.e. Standard and Premium. Premium Content is written by experience native US writers.
TAT will be mentioned in each of the product.
Yes we do, Please check out our Agency Pricing page for placing order and pricing details.
We will provide a refund if we haven’t started processing the order or we are unable to complete the order.
Yes, please use the chat function to ask for samples.

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