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Why are press releases important?

Press releases have a massive impact on a brand’s online presence. Meanwhile, most people use the Internet to find the products and the information they need. Therefore, if your business is not online, you might as well close it down.

Hire us and get your company featured on: and more...

A press release boosts traffic to a website. Also, the number and the diversity of backlinks will increase as well. Therefore, the brand will become visible to thousands of new potential customers.

Professionally done press releases give your company:
  • Instant exposure
  • More effective business marketing
  • Higher sales potential
  • Better SEO optimization
  • High Traffic

Additionally, research has shown that 80% of all Internet surfing sessions start with an input into a search engine. So, being present on the first page of results is essential for growing a business.

Why are press release distribution services effective?

The simple version is — it’s all based on probability.

To further explain, we send out the press releases to more than 250 members of the media. That way, your press release has a considerably higher chance to reach thousands, even millions of people.

Therefore, through our press release distribution services, we make it easier for our clients to reach new customers and get the people talking about their products

why hire a professional

Why hire a professional?

Writing a press release isn’t that simple. A professional
press release writer and distributor:

  • Knows what information a press release should contain
  • Knows what kind of headlines work best
  • Knows when is the best time to send out a press release
  • Knows how to format a press release
  • Can think like a journalist
  • Can distribute a press release to a large number of members of the media quickly

Why Press Release WIRE?

Trusting us with your press release is the best way to expand your business. Our dedicated team will help you get the most out every single press release. We know that every brand or a product has a target audience. And it would be a shame if they never found out about it, wouldn't it?

Capturing a journalist’s attention is the most important aspect of writing a press release and that’s what we do best! Our experienced writers are able to quickly create amazing stories with eye-catching headlines and perfect English.

We do all the work in-house — from writing to distribution. Therefore, our services are consistent and your website is safe. Also, we work extra hard to make sure the stories are keyword optimized. That way, we can guarantee exceptional online visibility for your website.

All clients are equally important to us and we make no exceptions. Our job is only done when we meet all your requests. We've received countless flattering reviews from our customers, many of which have requested re-orders.

what we provide


  • A high-quality press release of 500+ words describing your brand or product.
  • Each press release is reviewed by a professional
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Distribution of a press release to 250+ media outlets
  • A white-label report of the published press releases suitable for agencies
  • Dedicated and friendly customer support




250+ submissions

A high-quality press release distributed to our standard pack of media members.



450+ submissions
including USA Today

A high-quality press release distributed to the expanded pack of media members, including USA Today

Submitting an order

Placing an order is done through the Order Submission Form. The process is brief and easy to follow. The information required includes the client’s contact details, information about the organization, as well as any additional instructions a client may have for us. Also, don’t forget to enter any coupon codes you may have!


Overnight it was admitted and distributed. I was notified less than an hour and it was already on 72 news sites. Communication was excellent, can't ask for better. I'm sure within the next 24/48 hours when i check there'll be a lot more sites picked up the PR. I can't comment on the quality of their writers, as i did my own piece but at this price next time i'd let them do the writing. Very impressed though with this.

  • MisterF

    BHW Moderator

Within 1 day after ordering i already got the PR. I asked for a few changes and the seller was quick to respond and had great communication, i was happy with the release and gave the green light for syndication. This morning i checked my emails and saw submission report, my PR was published on the 18th. Very fast quality work, great communication, very short TAT and everything as promised. Will be back for more in the future!

  • alex.b

    BHW member

I just finished one order with Sam. He written one article which i enjoyed about my website/brand, publishing him to over 250 local news websites. It was mindblowing for me to see that some major news sites has picked up my articles also. I highly recommend this service!

  • lorentzo

    BHW Jr.VIP

Press Release was delivered very soon as expected, i tried to search in the google for the indexation and saw around 90 releases were already indexed by the google within 6hrs after receiving report, overall it was a good service.

  • WebTG

    BHW Jr.VIP

Just received report. The press release was submitted to many high authority sites. The indexation is coming slowly but i have no doubt that most it not all of these will index. I'm glad I tested out the service and will certainly come back for future projects.

  • queenjude

    BHW member

Well written PR, fast distribution and good rankings in Google. I will definetly use this service for clients. Keep up this level of service and release, and it will do well.

  • ggibbuk

    BHW Jr.VIP

I ordered a press release through this service. I already had one written and so just needed this for distribution purposes. They distributed the PR very quickly. From the report, all of the outlets were US based except for one which was in Mexico.

  • Ggirl06

    BHW member

Second order completed - lots of high domain links for diversity. These usually index well based on last time. Seller provided professional report and excel with links. Less than one week TAT.

  • queenjude

    BHW member

This service is the bomb!! I got a copy from Sam and I love the results - my press release was professionally written by Sam, and it was then distributed to 296 news sites. The content was really top quality and the entire process is handled with care - Sam came back to me several times to make sure everything was exactly right for the press release, and he took care of all the details. Really i am happy with the work, and I have seen the same type of service elsewhere for hundreds of $$$ but here its just $75, and at the time of writing, I see a couple just above making it just $55. So thats a great deal for sure.

  • davids355

    BHW Mod

Wow! Hands down, the best experience I've had on the forum yet. Seller took the time to research and get genuinely acquainted with my website before putting together a very succinct ad professional PR. Will absolutely use his services again and am very excited about the possible outcome. Thank you!

  • Tony Clifton

    BHW member

I've used number of Press Release services on this forum over the past few years. This one is one of the better ones. The press release was researched thorughly before submitting with zero grammatical errors found. The release was picked up by a huge amount of outlets and was seemingly dispersed all over the place. I've already started to see backlinks get indexed within an hour of the syndication (from some high authority news sites too). really happy with the results and can tell you this is one of the " best bang for your buck" press release serices on BHW. Recommended!

  • PureHustle

    BHW member

I used this service twice and I am very happy with it. Communication is great and fast. They write the PR, and the write is very good, nearly no need for edit. And then they syndicate as promised, send a nice report, all done at very good speed. And the price is reasonable. Recommended service.

  • SafeSEOboost

    BHW Jr.VIP

Received a Jr VIP copy of this service and just got my report back today. Spoiler alert: I'm impressed. The list of sites here is REALLY impressive and includes some good sources that i've never even seen included in any other PR service before (the report itself was done very well too). Also, the press release itself was EXTREMELY well written and very official and natural looking. He took the time to properly research my site a bit and that really paid off in the writing portion here. Google picked up on and indexed an absolute shit ton of these already. Places like Fox and NBC news sites, which is perfect for my niche purposes. Bottom line is this, I've had my share of press release done over the years and this might be the nicest one I've had. For the price I see him asking it looks like a no brainer. Thumbs up on this one.

  • ThopHayt

    BHW Jr.VIP

I was in the last minute rush because my previous PR provider wasn't sending out the release on time. Lo and behold a friend referred me to this service. I already had the press release written, so it took less than 24 hours for it to be syndicated and approved. For those of you unaware, that's pretty quick time, and we got on a lot of really solid sites. Highly recommended, great price. Go for the premium, you won't regret it!

  • Kharn

    BHW member


A: We accept writing press releases for almost all types of websites. We accept affiliate website as well. However, we don’t write press releases for Pharma, Adult and Gambling websites.
A: We believe that every website is newsworthy. Investing in a press release will boost the traffic to your website. So, it certainly won’t hurt to give it a try. You’ll be amazed by the results!
A: You should do it at least every 3 months. But for more consistent results, it’s best to do a press release distribution monthly.
A: Of course! A successful collaboration is our primary objective and we make no exceptions. You will receive a draft of the press release and we will distribute it only once you’ve approved it.
A: Our TAT is 5–7 days.
A: Yes, we do. Please contact us via email to get a custom quote.
A: You can ask for a refund if we haven’t started working on your order yet. However, if we’re in the process of writing or distributing your press release, you won’t be able to get a refund.
A: Absolutely! Feel free to ask for a sample.
A: For now, we only accept orders that are in English.


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